Who Is Offroad Tracks?

This Group is dedicated to the ANYONE who enjoys Offroading & Overlanding. We start with the FREE sharing of Offroad Maps we call Tracks to help everyone get out and explore. While just taking off and “getting lost” is a great idea, it is also nice to know where you can go and how you can get back. Anyone is free to use the maps for their offroading & overlanding adventures at their own risk of personal injury and damage to their vehicle. We do not certify that the maps do not cross private property so drivers must use their own discretion. Every member of the Group is encouraged to contribute to the Group in the form of Ride & Trail Tracks, Maps, Videos, Information and/or Pictures to benefit other Members. The most important part of the Offroading & Overlanding Lifestyle is participation! Get involved; post up your ride for others to join or jump in on another Member’s Ride. To understand the basic principles of Navigation and how to use these Free Track Files, we have created Instructional / Tutorial Videos and posted to this FB Page and our Website at www.OffroadTracks.org under our Learning Center. Feel free to post up your questions and we AND our Members will do our best to help you with anything related to Offroading & Overlanding. From all of our Members at Offroad Tracks … Have fun and we hope to see you on a Trail soon!


Our Goal is to engage as many Offroad & Overland enthusiasts as possible and help them get off the beaten path.  We do this through sharing our Rides, Tracks, Events, Videos, Pictures and Information. Check out our File Sharing, Rides & Rigs, and Events Sections.

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Access Free Track Files Send Name & Request TO: Info@OffroadTracks.org


Whether you are a Newbie to Offroading & Overlanding or a Veteran, there is always something to learn.  We strive to provide training to help our Members get the most out of their time outdoors and offroad.  Check out our Learning Center and let us know if there is a topic that you would like added.

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With so much Offroading & Overlanding Gear available, it can be difficult to keep up.  We will continue to try to Demonstrate & Review equipment for our Members.  Check out our Gear Section and let us know if there is any gear that you would like us to consider.

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Be a Part of Our Family & Join In!

Whether you like to Offroad or Overland, we Welcome you to become a Member of our Family.  Get involved by sharing Files, Rides, Events, Pics, Vids, Classes and the Forum.  Also, catch us on our Offroad Tracks Facebook Group.

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